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Viniyoga is a style of Hatha yoga that promotes the personalization of yoga practices to suit each individual practiconer. It involves adapting the methods of yoga to ensure they are exactly what the student needs in mind, body and spirit. It is considered to be an authentic transmission of yogic teachings and integrates asana, pranayama, use of bandhas, chanting and meditation.


There are said to be four differentiators of Viniyoga:

  1. The connection between breath and movement.
  2. The combination of movement and staying in poses.
  3. Poses are adapted to suit the needs of the practicioner. In Viniyoga, there is no one “correct” form. Instead, the intention is for the yogi to find a way to feel the benefits of a posture, rather than adopting a certain shape.
  4. Sequencing is used to prepare and release the body from each posture.