– Respect The Studio Space –

This studio is our home. Please respect the space as you would respect your own space, and honor the people who create community with you by being conscientious and kind.

– Be Punctual –

We ask all students to be mindful of their impact. Please arrive on time, ready to practice. That being said, we understand life happens. If you are running late, please call the front desk so we can let the instructor know and set up a mat for you. We have a 10 minute late policy; this is both for your safety, and out of deference to other students and the teacher.

– Respect Other Students –

We are here to practice, gather together, and grow as students. The excitement of the space is palpable! Sometime it’s also audible. Remember that other students may be in class, and please enter and exit the studio mindfully when others are on their mat.

– Don’t Disrupt Savasana –

We all have busy lives, families, and jobs. Savasana is our final resting pose; a place to let all that go and focus on ourselves. We ask that if you have to leave early, you let the instructor know ahead of time, and leave politely and quietly before savasana so as not to be disruptive. We ask that you consider what class is best for you if you need to leave early on a regular basis.

– Cell Phones –

Please silence your cell phone before entering the space. If you absolutely must have your cell phone near your mat due to a medical emergency or young child at home, let the front desk and the instructor know. If it is not urgent, it can probably wait until you are out of class; practice non-attachment!

– Be Open –

Be opened hearted, and open-minded. We are all in this together.