– Foundation: Our foundation classes are designed to create a solid foundation for an informed and steadfast practice. This is beginner focused, at a slower pace.
– Practice: for students who have a practice, and want to practice. Think: open level, geared towards the average student with a solid bit of experience.
– Evolve: this is a class designed to advance student’s practice — for those in search of a more challenging experience.

All our classes are categorized into one of two houses:

  • Sun: upbeat, energizing, heating, challenging
  • Moon: healing, relaxing, cooling

On our class schedule, all sun classes will have a sun next to the name, all moon classes, a crescent moon.


Flow: Flow is the bread and butter of our studio asana offerings. This is movement based class where practice moving from one pose to another with transitions, creative sequencing, and poses in the schema of “one breath, one movement”. Expect: a dharma talk connecting the practice to an idea or theme, upbeat, fun music, a lot of movement, options to work towards challenging poses like inversions, arm balances, binds and balances, a cool down, and a deep rest in savasana. Within our robust flow category, we also have three distinct styles:

              FlowJiva: FlowJiva is based on Jivamukti yoga, it includes all the steadfast vinyasa flow aspects and includes chanting, breath awareness, flowing vinyasa sequences, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance, relaxation and meditation. Jivamukti yoga is centered around the 5 tenets of: shastra (scripture), bhakti (devotion), ahimsa (kindness), nada (music), dhyana (meditation).
Expect: music, traditional sun salutations, both flow and longer holds, chanting, mantras, and a focus on connecting the practice to traditional lineage and ideas.

              FlowLotus: This is a movement based class with a combination of vinyasa flow, long-holds in poses, inversions, and a focus on concentration.
Expect: mantras and chanting, a full range of music, a combination of movements that link poses and give the student an opportunity to try new postures, lots of pranayama (breath work), meditation and savasana.

              SoulFlow: SoulFlow is unique to our studio; it incorporates yogic philosophy into a relevant and inspiring real-life practice that you can use in your life on and off the mat.
Expect to move, flow, find adaptable challenges that meet you where you are, a workshop-style breakdown of postures and lots of options to play and music that ranges from acoustic singer songwriters to 90s hip-hop.

Dharma: This is a movement based class with a combination of vinyasa flow, long-holds in poses, inversions, and a focus on concentration.
Expect: some upbeat to no music, a combination of movements that link poses and give the student an opportunity to try new postures, lots of pranayama (breath work), meditation and savasana.

Ashtanga: Ashtanga is movement based, set series of poses set to a cadence of breath. There are several series; all Foundation classes will only address the first, some Practice classes may address the second. The ashtanga practice incorporates traditional sun salutations with help poses, lots of transitions, and adaptations for all experiences.
Expect: no music, a set series of postures, consistency, holding postures for 5 or more breaths, a focus on the inhale and exhale, and savasana.

Power: This is one of our more challenging practices, designed around finding a balance between endurance, mobility, and strength.
Expect: upbeat, powerful music, strength based movement, a workshop-style breakdown of intermediate and advanced postures, lots of options for playful challenge, lots of sweat, a cool-down to reset the body, and savasana.

Power & Align: This is a combination of our power yoga classes, based on creating a balance of strength, mobility/flexibility, and endurance, with our Align classes, which focus on workshopping the body in individual poses.
Expect: upbeat, fun music, lots of movement and then slow focused alignment based movement, challenging options, a super chill cool-down with a savasana end.

Flow & Align: This a combination of our flow class, with a period of slower vinyasa style movement, connected to a deeper focus on shining a light on more deliberate alignment.
Expect: several kinds of movement, some upbeat music to no music, lots of props and opportunity to break down postures.

Flow & Restore: This class is a combination of our flow program with a restorative topping: move, sweat, breath, flow, and then experience a nervous system reset with deep, long held, still poses in both yin and restorative, followed by a longer savasana.
Expect: Upbeat music, playful sequencing, lots of movement and an opportunity to be challenged, followed by an extended cool down period with long held, supported restorative postures.

Yin & Flow: Yin and Flow is a combination of our Yin practice and a short flow.
Expect: low to no music, an opener with long held poses that focus on connective tissue and playing with edges, followed by movement and savasana.


Align: This class is a slower paced, focused practice dedicated to the anatomy/structure of the body and the body in yoga poses.
Expect: no or downbeat/low music, slow, deliberate movement, holding of poses with props and with a focus on small adjustments, and a restful release in savasana.

Restorative: A this is healing series of supported postures designed to rest and reset the nervous system and the mind.
Expect: low to no music, extensive use of props, minimal physical effort, and a supportive and calming environment.

Meditation: This is a non-movement based practice focused on witnessing the workings of the mind, sitting with our thoughts and ourselves.
Expect: a comfortable seat, no music, and little to no movement.

Align & Restore: This is a combination of our alignment program with an opportunity to relax the body in yin and restorative poses.
Expect: slow, focused movement with a focus on the body in poses, props and more props, and then time to let the body release in supported postures and a long savasana.

Yin: Yin is a highly therapeutic practice that focuses on balancing active and passive tissues. Yin yoga is slow and mindful as it aims at the deeper connective tissues surrounding joints, ligaments , tendons and fascia. Yin postures increase mobility and flexibility, release deep seated energy blocks and prepare the mind for relaxation. *This specific Yin class also features Reiki in savasana
Expect: Little to no movement, a passive yet challenging practice consisting mainly of floor postures held for 3-5 minutes, a focus on concentration and inward reflection, little to no music, and a long savasana.