Planting Seeds of change

– Planting Seeds of Change 

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Every day is a new opportunity to set the wheels of change in motion, but this month, the stars (and moon) seem to be aligning to make this opportunity even greater for all of us.  
Heed the call of the universe and use this month to become clear about where you are, where you would like to be, and the path you must follow in order to get there! 
In addition to being the shortest month, this February also happens to be a month without a Full Moon. This is a rare occurrence and, according to some belief systems, a very auspicious one! Many schools of yoga regard the New Moon as an opportunity for planting seeds of change, setting intentions, and laying the groundwork for shifting energy in our lives. Even the Farmer’s Almanac suggests that seeds be planted during a New Moon because the gravitational pull on the earth is very strong during this time.
How do we take advantage of this unique opportunity in the calendar to plant seeds that grow deep roots to help support lasting change in our lives? One effective way is simply through daily practice. Just as we practice postures regularly so that our bodies get used to be

ing in a particular shape, so too must we exercise our minds in order to get them used to a new way of thinking. Neither our bodies nor our mindsets change overnight and we shouldn’t expect them to. However, with a daily ritual of affirmations, meditation, mantra, journaling, or any other technique that trains the brain to make specific connections, we can create lasting change in the way our minds adapt to the world around us. We can consciously plant seeds of patience, kindness, and positive energy by changing our reactions to certain situations. Then, like a well-tended garden, we must continue to water these seeds so they begin to take root and eventually shape the way we interact with ourselves, others, and the world.
One Love, One Freedom