Focus of the Month – A Note from Cara

~ Be Here Now ~
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What does that mean? It’s really quite simple. Where are you? What are you doing? Whatever it is, be there, in the moment, moment by moment.

See, feel, touch, smell, & listen to that place, in that experience with yourself, and with others around you. Just be there. For that is the place of perfect reality. That is the place of clarity. Where you are, is simply where you should be.
I find myself in a very difficult place these days. Where I am, is heartbreaking. Because where I am, is with my dearest father who, is dying. He is the most wonderful, strong, courageous, loving, loyal, man in my world. He may be all those things in THE world, but, I will leave that for others to say. I am sharing this with you because for the first time in 3 years I have been away from the Nanda community for days on end. Over the years, many of you have experienced the illness and/or loss of a loved one and shared your stories with me. I have always tried to hold space for those who reach out and look towards the teachings for guidance on how best to serve.
I am eternally grateful for the abundance of love, compassion, and empathy I have received over the recent weeks passed. There is no easy way to deal with this type of sadness. There is no answer, no crystal ball, no one journey. It is one day, one moment, one breath at a time. For each of those may very well be his, or our last together. I am struggling to find the right words. My Dad, wrote several books of memoirs. For he has lived a truly rich life full of great love, most of all for my dearest mother, Elaine. She is, without doubt the love, the light, & the joy of his life. His fight with his illness has been testimony to that love. They have been together for 60 years. Side by side, in business, in life, and in love. 4 years ago, she started showing signs of dementia which quickly claimed her sharp mind and unique personality. The stress of caring for her took a toll on my Dad which led to his illness. 3 years ago, at 91 years of age he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given 6 months to live. Well, the doctors just did not factor in the power of love. My father simply would not leave my mom and remains by her side to this day. But his body just has no more to give. The vessel which holds his extraordinary spirit has deteriorated beyond repair.
So, I am writing this to you because so many have reached out to me asking “Where are you?!” I haven’t seen you in the studio?! Is everything OK?!
Well, everything is not OK. However, I am starting to realize, that everything, is what it should be. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to be with my Mom & Dad now. That is where I should be. I have the cognizance to accept that this moment, is one to be cherished, despite the anguish and sadness I am feeling. For this is the time of transition. I am not ready, but I am here. I am in this moment with my dearest parents. And I will be here, in complete presence, for that is all that I can do right now. Be Here Now! With him, for him, and because of him. That is where I am.
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My Dad’s name is Dominick Francis Robustelli. He has never complained a day in his life. Please keep him in your thoughts. For that will surely aid him in the quest for a peaceful transition.
In Gratitude,