Focus of the Month: In Celebration of Our Teachers

I sit quietly, thinking to myself, “How is it possibly 2018?! I remember when the millennium was upon us & “Y2K” was a really big deal!!! It’s all good. Just putting down on paper my thoughts, recognitions, and glimpses of conversations that I have shared with so many in this magical Nanda community I call home.
Whenever the new year transition occurs, there always seems to be a need for reflection, resolution, and goal oriented action in the air. This year, I am focused on my teachers. They come in all shapes, in all sizes, from different backgrounds, intentions, and orientation. In the end, they are all wonderful. For when we are paying attention, the interaction with our teachers require us to look inside our divine selves to find the answers. Sometimes, the best teachers are the ones that throw bricks at us. That makes us stronger
when we do the work. That makes us rise up, harness clarity, and confront the resistance.
We ALL have the strength within to be a better person. It’s just a matter of tapping into our inner light, our unique self, and our innate ability to deflect negativity.
I am eternally grateful for these teachers. Grateful for the bricks that cause me pain. Grateful for the challenges thrown at me regardless of the motive. For without them, I may find myself becoming complacent. And complacency is a shame when life is just WAY too short. My mom passed this year, My dad is turning  95 in March, my one, and only beautiful sister will be 60 this week, and I, dare I say, will be attending my 40th high school reunion in the fall. We are blessed with the longevity of our lives when so many people in the community have lost loved ones at a far, too young age. I hesitated to say that here, but it needs to be said. Because, their sorrow is also ours. Our community is a powerful collective that holds space for one another. In the good. In the bad. And every single day, I appreciate and embrace the magic of the unique Nanda energy of which you are an undeniable part. Your individual contribution fortifies the foundation. Share that with the person practicing next to you on their mat. A glance, a greeting, a glimpse of mutual recognition in your eye. That is what connects us & cultivates our community. It Is really that simple. Root down, deeply within yourself.
Thrive, by tapping into your passion. Connect, with all of those around you: family, members of the community, or a stranger passing by. The

POWER is in the collective!!!! I am completely, and wholeheartedly certain of that!

We are going to rock 2018! Just one, beautiful, love filled, day at a time! Thank you for bringing  your love, your light, & your unique purpose to Nanda every time you step on your mat!
One Love, One Freedom