March Focus on the Month: Growth from Within

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“When the yoga is working we feel more ordinary, more normal; not more extraordinary and special.”- Mary Taylor,

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The month of March marks the beginning of Spring, a season of rebirth and renewal. As Winter’s frost melts away, Spring’s sunshine breathes life back into the trees, flowers, and wildlife that surround us. It is not uncommon to feel an internal sense of rebirth during this time as well, casting away the stiffness of Winter in search of the brightness and lightheartedness of Spring. It is important to remember that “rebirth” does not necessarily mean “reinvent” or “redefine”. In order to keep ourselves feeling fresh and renewed, we need not make a radical shift in our beliefs or habits, nor must we change our wardrobe, activity schedule, or hobbies. In order to experience true rebirth, we must be willing to dig deeper than the superficial levels of how we define ourselves. Rebirth is sometimes just the willingness and ability to observe our authentic Self in an honest and non-judgmental way. A genuine spiritual awakening only comes when we are able to stop imitating some imagined notion of “spirituality”. When we take the time to look within at the colorful, diverse, unique elements that make us who we truly are, we can finally melt the frost off of our own internal environment and begin to bloom! As one very wise yoga teacher, Mary Taylor, puts it, “Whether you’re doing an Ashtanga practice or sitting practice or any other form of a contemplative practice, the real key is to peel away the layers so that you begin to feel more like you who really truly know yourself to be in the corners of your being.”
As we start to peel away our layers of clothing with the coming of warmer weather, let us also peel away the layers of our Selves and, through the practice of yoga, uncover the brilliance within!

One love, one freedom – Yoga Nanda