Falling Into Grace – A Special Retreat with Renata & Muriel

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– Falling Into Grace –
A Special Self-Care Retreat 
with Renata Langner & Muriel Pellizzi

October 19th thru October 21st, 2018

at Menla in the Catskills

Grace is described as ” a feeling of awe, gratitude, and unconditional love while feeling in harmony with yourself and others. Take this time to immerse yourself in play, rest, inspiration, & creativity. Throughout this program you will enjoy the harmonious integration of body, mind and spirit as you are enveloped in the Seasonal natural beauty and find yourself

“Falling into Grace”.


Menla is a 325-acre private nature reserve at 3,720 feet above sea level, the peak of Panther Mountain is one of the tallest in the Catskills. Located in a region renowned for its unspoiled beauty, variety of wildlife, abundance of rushing streams and rivers, and ancient forested mountains to enhance this experience tailor made for you. Renata and Muriel, two Master Instructors, are combining their skills and knowledge to bring you 3 incredible days, & 2 amazing nights of pure bliss. With added unique offerings at the DEWA SPA

you may discover the ancient restorative therapies of Tibet at Dewa, Menla’s world-class healing spa and one of the only places in the West where you can experience the Tibetan KuNye massage.



This retreat is for anyone who is looking to step out of their comfort zone and really dig into how to take care of ourselves. To be a whole, empathetic and powerful individual and community member, it is crucial to step back, unwind, and reaffirm. No advanced skills are necessary – just a willingness to dig deep, connect, and have fun!


Day 1: 

Arrival: you will have time to explore your surroundings, unwind in Nature and settle in at your accommodations. Meeting to get acquainted over dinner at 6:00pm. Great options of Vegetarian organic meals are prepared and offered with true caring. This retreat is also able to accommodate all food allergies; we will note these preferences in a pre-retreat questionnaire.
7:30 Meeting for an official introduction of you, your hopes and dreams and review of the schedule and logistics of the weekend.
8:00 Yoga Flow/ Restorative class in a beautiful yoga studio with picture windows framing the unique landscape of the mountain ridge, setting the tone for a weekend of Grace. Wine and cheese will be served and time to relax and get to know each other better.

Day 2: 

7:00am: We will open our day with an optional morning meditation. This will be a great time to set or reaffirm our intention for the weekend. After breakfast and time to digest, we will start our day with a Yin class. A perfect way to ground and peel back our layers and peek beneath, to unearth blockages within our energetic body and to shift our energy or chi, making space for grace to enter. A beautiful lunch will follow, with free time to hike in the amazing beauty while enjoying “leaf peeping”, or take advantage of 10 percent off on any spa treatment, meditate, journal or just rest before our active Vinyasa class before dinner at 4:00pm. The excitement begins as we join together around a bonfire to celebrate the Full Moon of October or Full Hunters Moon. During this Puja ceremony we have the opportunity to write down anything we need to release and burn the written words in the fire. While basking in this state of grace, manifesting magic follows, commencing with a Moon meditation.Followed by wine tasting.

Day 3:

Meditation optional at 7am. After a tasty breakfast you will have time to relax before our morning Flow/ Restorative class. Creativity is at its best as you receive a personalized sacred Henna temporary tattoo, that you will have designed, this temporary tattoo will have special meaning only to you . After a delicious lunch you can hit the road feeling totally refreshed with a renewed sense of connection & peace and a lasting reminder of how you… fell into Grace


~ 3 days and 2 nights lovely shared or single accommodations
~ (4) 90 minute yoga practices
– Puja Ceremony, Bonfire, & Moon Meditation
~ Daily group meetings and journaling exercises
~ Daily morning meditation
~ All meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and healthy snacks
– Henna & Craft Offering Activity
~ Wine tasting after dinners
***Limited to 20 Participants***
 Program Tuition:
$485 early bird
$585 after July 1st