Peace – Within & With All

– Peace – Within & With All –

“World Peace”: the expected answer to that famous question of what is most important to us all and yet it can feel as though we moving further and further away from this ideal on a daily basis. Why is it that most of us are on board with the notion of creating peace on earth, but the few who are not seem to be making all the rules? 
It could be that conflict, competition, and defensiveness are more accessible in today’s world than kindness and peace. The effects of rage and power are more immediately observable than the effects of peacefulness, so we turn to these reactive states of being more often and more readily. It sometimes appears like we can get more accomplished by imposing our will onto others than by working together in harmony, but nothing could be further from the truth. Conflict begets conflict. The more we forcefully push our own agenda onto the world, the more often we will need to do so again in the future. 
Acting from a place of kindness, compassion, and understanding, on the other

hand opens up the possibility for resolution.
When we try to imagine “World Peace”, it can be daunting and out of reach, but if we simply work on our own individual peace, we have a reasonable starting point. 
This is where our yoga practice steps in: we spend time cultivating an attitude of friendliness and peace within ourselves so that we may be an example of this energy in the world. Our practice helps us distinguish between the times we must prioritize our inner peace and times when action must be taken in order to right a wrong. Personal peace may not be the end of our work, but it is a noble and necessary start.
One Love, One Freedom