Love & Kindness Cultivated

– Love & Kindness is Cultivated

This month marks the official beginning of Summer. which means warmer nights and longer, brighter days. Light and growth surround us in nature just as they surround us within the Yoga Nanda community as we welcome a third studio to our family this month! As with any major shift in life, there is always a period of uncertainty when we are forced to wonder how this new change is going to affect our current situation. When we face these uncertainties or doubts, it is important to have faith and remember that change is actually the only thing we can ever count on. Whether these changes are subtle – like the gradual shift of seasons – or whether they are more obvious – like a career shift or the birth of a child – our lives are all in a constant state of flux. Our focus should rest not on wondering whether or not we will experience change, but on the grace and fluidity with which we will handle these changes.
Like a candle flame, which does not lose any of its own brightness when used to light other candles, our own love and kindness do not diminish when shared with others. In fact, sharing this kind of energy only helps to enhance its power. Let us remember this as we continue to spread the special Yoga Nanda energy that becomes more and more palpable with every class, workshop, teacher, and student who grace our sacred spaces. As our family grows, so too will our generosity, kindness, and love! We look forward to this new chapter in the Yoga Nanda story and cannot wait for our light to shine brighter than ever before!
One Love, One Freedom