Shari Kaplan


Passionate about being a mommy and wife, yoga, fitness, fashion, gardening, the sun, dancing, laughing, wellness and living a healthy life style. While working in Manhattans garment industry I was exploring my interests in health, fitness, art and Reiki and was then introduced to the traditional yoga lineage Siddha yoga. This new path lead me to the physical practice of yoga, receiving certifications from Anusara yoga, traditional Hatha Yoga, Kundilini Yoga, and Baby Om. My Trainigs Focus on alignment, therapeutics, pre and post-natal and baby and me yoga. Currently recognized with Yoga Alliance as a E-RYT 500 hour teacher. I bring my positive energetic personality, 14 years of Yoga studies and 18 years of health and fitness to every class. I love to connect people through the practice of yoga to the pure happiness of the Heart. Yoga reminds you that life is Good. The practice and teachings support you through every day challenges, the highs and lows of intense moments and the expansiveness of joy, happiness and love.