Samantha Mackay


Samantha is a high school graduate from South Side High School in Rockville Centre. Samanthas’ love for yoga all started from the encouragement of her Aunt Colleen as she took her first yoga class at Equinox Gym in Santa Monica, California a little over 2 years ago. Her Aunt was always looked upon for having a daily practice full of healthy eating, active exercise and loving nature. Samantha didn’t have a mom figure growing up due to the passing of a deadly terminal brain cancer at the age of 6, which has had a strong and emotional impact upon who she is today. Luckily, she feels very blessed to have her Aunt by her side and how she opened her eyes to the yoga world.

At the age of 8, she found her calling; dance. The thrill and joy with every move enabled her to able to connect with her pain, happiness and her strength. Performing and participating in dance competitions became a huge passion of hers. After graduating from her dance school at the age of 18, her therapeutic outlet transitioned and expanded into the yoga scene. Because of dance, it has helped me with yoga tremendously and I am looking forward to taking a 500-hour teacher training program because it maintains my happiness, mental stability and physical fitness. Now, she works at the front desk both at Yoga Nanda and Yoga Nanda Long Beach because she loves the vibe of a warm-welcoming studio where she can take advantage of classes, where her passion lies. Being inspired by the yoga community, while taking online courses, she hopes to become a nutritionist and great yoga teacher in the near future.