Paul Grossbard


For many lifetimes Paul believed the story to tell himself (and others) was one of self perseverance and expectations. He wore many disguises … nothing seemed to fit right. He went to school at NYU hoping to find a life in show business majoring in Cinema Studies and Production and spent a few lifetimes working in advertising and national news as an editor. All this posturing, left Paul with a very crooked spine. Disabled. That’s when he discovered Yoga. At first, he was convinced that the story was in the fix that Yoga moved one towards; it can make one so strong, flexible, healthy. Fortunately, from the guidance of some very patient teachers, specifically, Sri Dharma Mittra, Paul heard the deeper tale of Yoga. That to Yoga means to bind; bind to the support that is inside and outside of us.

Paul received his 200 hour teaching certification in 2008 and 500 hr certification in 2014, at Dharma Mittra Yoga Center. Sri Dharma is internationally known as the rock of Yoga. Paul shares this ancient lineage with compassion. Classes are accessible to all.

Classes are accessible to all warriors, even injured warriors.