Nikki Lee


Nikki has a concentrated education in both yoga and art. She holds a Master’s in Professional Studies in Art Therapy from the School of Visual arts and 400 + hours of yoga education. Nikki finds transformation and healing to occur in yoga and art, which inspires her sense of authenticity while teaching. Having a foundation in classical styles of yoga, Nikki develops therapeutic sequences for the body that allow students to feel balanced and grounded. Focusing on traditional practices and therapeutic theories while integrating the values of alignment and breathe attunement are principles she incorporates into her practice as both a healer and a teacher.

Ashley Ludman, Sri Dharma Mittra and Jared McCann are teachers whom Nikki has studied under in order to develop her technique and style. Nikki completed her first 200-hour RYT with Ashley Ludman in Costa Rica and her second 200-hour RYT with Jared McCann, the World Yoga Champion. Nikki is currently based out of New York and teaches the Jared McCann Yoga sequence, which incorporates Ashtanga, Dharma, Iyengar, Forrest, and Bikram yoga. In addition to the JMY sequence, Nikki teachers her own creative vinyasa classes as well as master level classes, workshops, and intensive day immersions. Nikki believes that yoga allows for the inner child to be remembered and the discovery of the self to continuously evolve.

“Do one thing every day that scarers you” – Eleanor Roosevelt.