Kim Montgomery


Kim Montgomery, Founder of Montgomery Method Yoga, has been teaching Yoga and applying Yoga Therapy for 15 years. Kim spent two years in India studying under Swami Devanandaya of Sivananda School of Yoga in Trivandrum, Ashtanga Yoga with Pattbi Jois in Mysore, and completed the Masters Program in Yoga Therapy at Vivekenanda Kendra Arogadhama in Bangalore, India. In 1996 she founded Yoga Prescriptions in Long Island New York, where she applied wellness programs for pregnant teenagers, Methadone addicts and troubled teenage boys. Kim went on to open Beyond Yoga in Great Neck New York, which lends itself as a Master teacher to organizations seeking Master teacher expertise. Kim’s method of teaching holds true to traditional Yoga practices in India, while evolving to captivate the modern Yogi. Her articulation and intonation of her words are inspirational. A must experience class indeed. These days Kim delves deeply into Plant Medicine and is a bonafide Medicine Woman, bringing yet another element of personal wellness to her students.

“Remember what you know yogis”