Cali Pulice


Growing up the youngest of 6 children in a big Italian family is probably one of the biggest contributors to my who I am and how my path lead me to where I am today. When you live in house where there’s always noise and music and passion flying through the air, you find your own little ways to make peace in your mind. My way of finding peace of mind was through moving my body; dancing, running, drawing, working out etc. Of course this lead to me popping in my first Rodney Yee DVD. After that one hour I felt a shift in myself, only then I didn’t quite understand it. I just knew it made me feel something wonderful. As my physical yoga practice continued to grow I quickly realized that it was a world I wanted to dive deeper into, expand my knowledge of and ultimately share with others. Treating your body well has always been really important to me and this practice has allowed me to see how the body can used as a vehicle for transformation of the mind and spirit. In 2010 I completed my 200hr YTT which was one of the greatest educational and spiritual experiences I have had. I continued to take a 100hr Bhakti Fly Certification at Laughing Lotus in NYC in January 2013 and I am about to embark on my next 100hr Bhakti Immersion with Raghunath Cappo. Whether I’m teaching a strong fiery class dressed with Bhakti, chanting and Vedic story telling or a slow, steady, meditative flow, my goal is to challenge my fellow yogis and make them stronger physically while encouraging them to harness their innate inner strength, devotion and unconditional love. My yoga practice has continuously showed up for me and allowed me to see just how sweet the world really is and for that I’m blessed and eternally grateful!

“Praise Laughter from the slightly upturned mouth, to the painful sidecar. Gasping for breath, may we hear the cosmic joke and see the ridiculousness of life and the world. When tragic overwhelms, infect us with your preposterous happiness.”