Restore, Balance & Breathe with Muriel Pelizzi – Restorative Teacher Training – Level 1

Yoga Nanda – “Restore, Balance and Breathe”


with Muriel Pellizzi


Join Muriel in a nurturing and supportive environment for a 25 hour intensive, devoted to a comprehensive  Restorative Yoga  Teacher Training ( Level 1) . This intensive  is open to a limited amount of students allowing  more time for personalized attention.  Muriel has created this training for the student who wants to dive deeply into the practice of Restorative yoga. It is open to current yoga teachers, body workers, therapists, caregivers, and holistic practitioners or anyone who would like to enhance their knowledge of  Restorative Yoga. This training  includes a combination of lecture, discussion, and practice of Restorative asana with variations and modifications, verbal cueing and  modalities to enhance your teachings.  Completion of this training along with your 200 hour certification will allow you to teach a complete restorative class with confidence and knowledge. You  will receive a certification for level 1 restorative training , as well as the ability to apply the training hours to Yoga Alliance continuing education credits. An invitation to a closed Facebook group to connect the trainees with each other as well as with Muriel for ongoing discussion, questions, advice and support is included.

Topics will include:

  • Understanding Restorative Yoga
  • The art, science and benefits of a restorative practice
  • Understanding the nature of the mind ( mind/ body stress connection)
  • Understanding the nervous system
  • Guidelines and props for leading a restorative class
  • Preparing yourself for teaching
  • Wise sequencing and transitions
  • Alignment and correct propping and modifications
  • Verbal cueing
  • Modalities to enhance relaxation
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Open Studio Time during the week

Complimentary Restorative classes from November 3rd thru November 12th




Friday: May 5th – 5:00pm-9:00pm – GC Studio

Saturday: May 6th – 9:00am -6:00pm – GC Studio

Sunday: May 7th – 9:00am-6:00pm – GC Studio

Sunday: May 12th – 1:00pm – 6:30pm – LB Studio

**Training will take place at the noted studios **

Program Fees

$495 – Early Bird Enrollment (paid in full before April 1st)

$550 – Regular Enrollment (paid in full after April 1st before May 1st)

$250 Non-Refundable Deposit required upon acceptance to hold your place until the paid in full date of April 1st

 (***Please note a 3% admin fee is incurred for credit card payments***Retreat lodging not included***)


Refund Policy

If participants find it necessary to withdraw from the program, partial tuition will be refunded according to the following policy.

$250 of tuition is nonrefundable. If a student must withdraw within 10 days of the program, refunds for the balance will be made ONLY if we are able to fill the spot with another student.  

If the spot is not filled, refunds will not be made.

Notice of withdrawal from the program must be made in writing.


Should the studio need to cancel the training, refunds will be made in full to the student

Attendance Requirements: Students are expected to attend all meetings.  Please notify the faculty of any extenuating circumstances for consideration   

Muriel Pellizzi E-RYT/ YACEP/ CR Bio

 After discovering how powerfully transformative Restorative Yoga was in her own Personal life, it became a passion and commitment to share this deeply therapeutic  practice with others. Born a nurturing  soul, Muriel became drawn to this deeply nuanced and healing practice  and it quickly became her journey of study,  deepening her knowledge of  the energetic body, the relaxation response, and the use of the breath . It came naturally for her to teach with deep compassion, intuition and kindness Integrating mindfulness, relaxation, flow of energy and breath, to cultivate  a deep sense of release and healing to the body, heart and soul in a more conscious way.


Muriel’s  deepest intention  is share how a fully supported asana can manipulate the nervous system, so the parasympathetic nervous system ( rest and digest) will kick into action for more balanced energy flow and relaxation. This  together with with proper breathing can promote healing on all levels and connect you back to your true essence, in addition to  helping  rediscover the power you have over your own health.

Guided by intuition and  passion,  her gentle voice,  knowledge of body alignment and her  therapeutic touch , Muriel has helped countless students  find there way back to a more balanced healthful place in there own bodies.

Forever a student of yoga, she  continues a lifelong journey to deepen her knowledge  to help empower her students on Their path.

She is profoundly grateful to all her teachers for their inspiration and deep wisdom.


Certified yoga Teacher E-RYT

Yoga Alliance Certified Education Practitioner YACEP

Restorative yoga (advanced) Certified

Relax and Renew trained w Judith Hanson Lasater

Advanced Reiki Healer

YIn Yoga – Certified

Thai yoga massage – Level One

Certified Reflexologist by Focus on Healing


Yoga  testimonials from students

“Muriel is everything I could ask for in a yoga instructor. She’s compassionate, knowledgable, calming, and there’s an aura of kindness that defines her presence. Whether it’s her peaceful voice during inspirational readings or the gentle poses and positions she guides us through, I look forward to her class as a stress-free sanctuary and recharge – physically, mentally, and emotionally. In the three years I’ve taken her class, I’m also glad to have noticed that my back pain is reduced and my general stress levels are lower during the day by practicing what Muriel has taught me.”

Sande M.

“I first met Muriel a few years ago, when I attended one of her 2 hour Restorative Workshops. I arrived feeling thoroughly depleted, anxious, and stressed.

However,  I left feeling renewed, energized, and vibrant. I was instantly hooked on Muriel’s Restorative practice, and I look forward to it each week, as a space where I can ground, center, and recharge myself. Over the years that I have known her, Muriel has taught me so much about how to be more aware, and present in every moment. As a result of Muriel’s teachings, I have learned tools and resources that I can draw upon on a daily basis to help combat stress and overwhelm.  Muriel carefully composes each class with postures and meditations to ground, and restore ourselves from the inside out.”

Jean G.

“Although I’ve done yoga for years, my first restorative class was taken with Muriel.  Muriel was an excellent instructor – attentive and very ‘hands on’ to help each student ease into the poses with comfort.  I have severe scoliosis and was worried about my ability to do this type of yoga, but with Muriel’s compassionate instructing and modifications, I not only enjoyed the class but now make Restorative Yoga a regular part of my weekly practice.  Thanks so much for your outstanding patience and instruction!!”

Gloria M. 

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Intensive Application

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  • What are your personal goals / expectations for this program?
  • What makes a good restorative yoga teacher?
  • What personal qualities of yours do you think will contribute to your ability to teach Restorative yoga?
  • Please share any other information about yourself that you’d like us to know.