The Power of Pranayama with Laura Ahrens

The Power of Pranayama: 
Posture and Breathwork to Concentrate your Energy and Live Your Best Life!!!
with special guest Laura Ahrens
Saturday June 15th
1:00pm – 3:00pm
$38 per yogi
A classical part of the yoga tradition, pranayama is the opportunity to become more intimate with our own life force energy. The breath is inextricably linked to the central nervous system, and even just once cycle of breath can signal either uneasiness or calm to the body and brain and send a surge of hormones to change our biochemistry. Beyond the massive effects the breath has on our entire being, pranayama can be practiced to prepare for concentration and meditation, which has been found to be capable of rewiring the brain over time. Over the course of the workshop, which
will be mostly comprised of practice and experiential lecture, you’ll prepare the body for deep breathing with a space-making yoga sequence, learn how to optimize your breath in the midst of posture, and finally practice a series of quintessential pranayama techniques to prepare for a deep and meaningful meditation and savasana. The goal is for you to walk back into your life with the reverberative effects of building the skills of yoga, and to have refilled inner resources for approaching life more from the truth of who you are.