Basic Tuesdays: A Beginner Series

beginners Sun-Salutation-Pose-Sequence

Nanda Garden City :
Basic Tuesdays – A Semi-Private Beginner Series
with Stephanie Falkowski

Tuesdays 7:00pm – 8:15pm
– 7:00pm – 8:15

June 17th, 24th, 31st & August 7th

$100 per person for 4 weeks


These 4 classes provide a slower paced program with more description and commentary accompanying each asana or posture. Breath awareness and relaxation also are introduced.

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Week 1: Pranayama and Meditation
We will focus on pranayama, the regulation of breath through certain exercises and techniques. Meditation and resting poses will be introduced. Emphasis is placed on body awareness.
Week 2: Seated poses
Twists, bends and folds. All poses introduced will be accompanied with breath work emphasis and modifications to better suit each individual body.
Week 3: Standing Poses
Standing straight and still in Tadasana, Warrior series, Wide legged with variations for all and also including forward folds, bends and side stretches.
Week 4: Sun Salutations
These series of twelve yoga postures performed in a single graceful flow with each movement coordinated with the breath. Designed to create heat with the benefit of it becoming a mindful, moving meditation. Breakdown of each pose and variations and modifications will be provided.