A Healing Practice

РA Healing Practice 

Many of us are lucky enough to begin our yoga practice in good health. We seek it out to further improve our physical condition or because we are simply curious about all the athletic and interesting practices involved. We may even consider the practice to be a luxury, an extracurricular activity that we are lucky to be able to fit into our schedules and budgets.
For many people who pursue a yoga practice, it may remain simply a feel-good form of movement and breathing that enhances their life in some way. However, for many others, the deeply therapeutic elements of yoga will eventually emerge. If we practice continuously, with devotion, for a long, long time, each of us is bound to eventually encounter a challenge in our lives. Perhaps we will fall physically ill, suffer emotional difficulties, or struggle financially and it is in these moments when we have the opportunity to recognize our yoga practice as more than just something we do to enhance our state of well being.
During trying times, we may realize yoga as a form of therapy, a practice designed to help us heal rather than one we can only pursue once we are already healthy. Many lineages of yoga stem from this very notion: yoga heals. So, while we can all appreciate this practice during the “easy” times in our lives, let us all remember to continue with diligence during the hard times for this is when the truly therapeutic nature of the practice reveals itself.
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