Muriel Pellizzi


After discovering how powerfully transformative Restorative Yoga was in her own Personal life, it became a passion and commitment to share this deeply therapeutic practice with others. Born a nurturing soul, Muriel became drawn to this deeply nuanced and healing practice and it quickly became her journey of study, deepening her knowledge of the energetic body, the relaxation response, and the use of the breath . It came naturally for her to teach with deep compassion, intuition and kindness Integrating mindfulness, relaxation, flow of energy and breath, to cultivate a deep sense of release and healing to the body, heart and soul in a more conscious way.

Muriel’s deepest intention is share how a fully supported asana can manipulate the nervous system, so the parasympathetic nervous system ( rest and digest) will kick into action for more balanced energy flow and relaxation. This together with with proper breathing can promote healing on all levels and connect you back to your true essence, in addition to helping rediscover the power you have over your own health.

Guided by intuition and passion, her gentle voice, knowledge of body alignment and her therapeutic touch , Muriel has helped countless students find there way back to a more balanced healthful place in there own bodies.

Forever a student of yoga, she continues a lifelong journey to deepen her knowledge to help empower her students on Their path.

She is profoundly grateful to all her teachers for their inspiration and deep wisdom.

Certified yoga Teacher E-RYT

Yoga Alliance Certified Education Practitioner YACEP

Restorative yoga (advanced) Certified

Relax and Renew trained w Judith Hanson Lasater

Advanced Reiki Healer

YIn Yoga – Certified

Thai yoga massage – Level One

Certified Reflexologist by Focus on Healing

“You cannot suffer from the past or future, they do not exist. What you are suffering from is your memory and imagination. Stay present.” – Sadgaru