Lisa Braun


Lisa started exploring Yoga as a way to find some strength and flexibility in her own body. After a few years of hanging around some amazing teachers who brought her deeper into the spirituality aspect of the practice, she enrolled for the 200 and 500 hour Yoga Teacher training at Yoga Polarity Center in Malverne, New York.  However, knowing that there was more to explore and learn, Lisa then jumped into the 200 hour Teacher training program at Laughing Lotus Center in New York and truly found her family and her calling. She continues her studies there with a 100 hour Super Sequencing and Musicality training and various workshops.

Lisa loves to teach with a light heart and challenging but fun Laughing Lotus Inspired Vinyasa Flow.  The practice is powered by music and threaded with love She wishes to share the joy of the practice with her students along with the peace and serenity that comes with the teachings of the asana and philosophy. Lisa is honored to be a part of the Yoga Nanda community.