Jeanette Wetherell


Jeanette’s interest in yoga began as a young child as she practiced meditation with her mom. Her physical practice began in hopes of releasing physical pain and emotional stress. She has developed a passion for yoga as it has helped her establish a healthy mind-body connection. Yoga has made so many positive changes to her life which is why she has the desire to bring the physical and spiritual practice to her students. She is intent on making sure each student in her class feels relaxed and strong in their body and mind. After completing 85 hours of prenatal yoga training, Jeanette has shifted her focus of teaching to helping pregnant women have healthy and safe pregnancies.

“Each time I see the Upside-Down Man
Standing in the water,
I look at him and start to laugh,
Although I shouldn’t oughtter.
For maybe in another world
Another time
Another town,
Maybe HE is right side up
And I am upside down”
― Shel Silverstein