Yoga Nanda Garden City and Yoga Nanda Long Beach were created to cultivate and foster community: a community which extends beyond our four walls. Seva is the yoga practice of service to others, and it’s an integral part of who Yoga Nanda is. By taking on causes from human trafficking to veteran recovery to homelessness, we contribute to the health, happiness, and well-being of all living beings. Our Seva programs range in scope and size, from donation based classes so everyone in our community can practice yoga, to monthly Seva parties to raise money for specific causes. Our biggest event is One Love Long Island, our annual community-wide yoga festival which benefits Off the Mat Into the World. We are dedicated to increasing the range of our Seva projects, and to spreading our reach to help more of our larger community, at home and internationally.


One Love Long Island is in collaboration with Off the Mat Into the World, and utilizes yoga to inspire others to give back. Our yearly yoga festival brings together studios and students from all over Long Island to celebrate, bring awareness, and practice yoga. With local vendors, 108 sun salutations, and workshops, One Love Long Island is an all day yoga event that ignites grassroots social change.

In 2014, One Love Long Island has concentrated its charitable efforts on eradicating the insidious and horrific practice of human trafficking and sex slavery, which has reached epidemic proportions globally. Proceeds generated from this year’s OLLI Yoga Festival will support organizations that are providing refuge, rehabilitation and economic opportunities to survivors of this $32 billion worldwide industry. Founded by like-minded Long Island women, OLLI works to raise funds and awareness while uniting communities across the span of Long Island with common breath, compassion, and the beautiful practice of yoga. Their pledge is to be united in service for the greater good and to create positive change in both local and global communities.

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The Veteran’s Yoga Project is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of military veterans. The project works to teach mindfulness, breath, meditation, and to release trauma and to utilize yoga as complementary therapy. Veteran’s Yoga Project also hosts teachers trainings specifically to help yoga teachers learn how to better serve our veteran population, from negotiating with PTSD, to specific injuries and meditation modalities. They also create scholarships for veterans to become yoga teachers, in order to for them to teach yoga to their peers. Yoga Nanda hosts fundraising events, specialty classes, and donates the proceeds of benefits to support the Veteran’s Yoga Project.


We believe all students should have the opportunity to practice yoga, and the ability to dive deeper into their studies. Financially, that isn’t always possible. We offer a weekly free community class so that anyone can attend classes, regardless of what financial situation they are in. We also have created a Scholarship program, so that handpicked students will be able to dive deeper into their practice, at no cost to them. More details coming soon.



The Inn was founded in 1983 as a single soup kitchen. In has grown exponentially to serve over 5,000 people each week. Their goal is to see every visitor treated with dignity and respect, and to offer support and services to the large numbers of hungry people in our own backyard.

The Inn is a working model of how to unite the community to overcome the challenge of hunger and homelessness, here on Long Island.

Proceeds from our fundraising efforts go to offer a full meal to the thousands of visitors who need a warm place to sit, eat, and feel valued.


Maya’s day is a day of classes at the studio, through which all proceeds to go support the Betsy Hartigan Memorial Fund and the Himalayan School Project. The Fund was established in 2006 to help Maya, a young girl who’s life was devastated by an earthquake in Nepal. It has allowed her to attend school, and she hopes to return to her village to help uplift and support others. It also created a school, which was sadly destroyed in the 2015 earthquake, and which is being rebuild with funds from the project.