Ayurveda is India’s Traditional system of medicine. In a consultation, you will learn how to heal and bring the body and mind into balance using Mother Nature’s wisdom and Sadhana.

An Ayurveda Consultation consists of a 2 hour meeting between you and our Ayurveda Consultant to explore your unique constitution (Prakruti) and evaluate the signs and causes of potential or actual imbalances (Vikruti). The emphasis is always on how you can apply selfknowledge and self-care to support your internal fires of digestion, breath, and mind.


Ayurvedic Nutritional Support
Kitchari and Juice Cleanses according to personal dosha
Tonification and Reduction Therapies
Insomnia and Stress Relief Techniques
Yoga Therapy and Meditation
Women’s Health and Family Planning
Two page Ayurveda lifestyle plan
Additional information specific to you

Our Ayurveda Consultant uses direct questions along with observation of tongue, pulse, voice, body structure and movement during this session.

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Initial Consultation:


1 Hour Additional Consultation:


2 Additional Hours: