“Integrating Ancient Wisdom with Modern Insights for Wellness” 

Yoga Nanda Announces a very Special Offering:

An International Association of Yoga Therapists Accredited

800 Hour Yoga Therapist Training


Step Into Your Power: The Journey Continues Now! Are you ready to transform your teaching skills into a career?

Enrollment now open for the March 2020 Cohort – Starts March 27th, 2020

Our Training Program is one of only 39 schools globally accredited by
the International Association of Yoga
Therapists & exclusive on Long Island!
“When I embarked on this journey over two years ago, I did not know that it was going to be a practice of self-realization as much as it was a yoga therapist training program. I approach every client, every yoga class I teach and almost every personal interaction with a new-found sense of looking at the whole person. Yoga Therapy is truly a full integration the body mind and spirit resulting in improved physical and mental health. It’s a self-empowering offering unlike any other.”
Dianne Condon Yoga Therapy Trainee

Yoga Nanda’s Yoga Therapist 800-hour IAYT-Accredited program will prepare you to work in the field of Integrative Medicine at hospitals, senior centers, Veteran’s

Associations, county and government facilities, corporate fitness centers and people from all walks of life who want to improve their health and live their best lives.

If you are a Yoga-Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor interested in pursuing a fulfilling career as a Yoga Therapist, or you would just like to deepen your understanding of how you may harness the power of all eight limbs of yoga in your life, this is the program designed for you.
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Our Yoga Therapy Unique Training Program, Perspective, & Purpose:

“Integrating Ancient Wisdom with Modern Insights for Wellness”

Our Mission

Yoga Nanda’s Yoga Therapy Program provides its students with the rigorous training and high-caliber tools necessary to fulfill the requirements to become Yoga Therapists as certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Our Yoga Nanda Yoga Therapist Training provide students with a solid foundation in the therapeutic application of all all eight limbs of yoga, as they apply to the the structural, physiological and psycho-emotional issues that are part of the human experience. Our students understand the role of the yoga therapist is to work with a whole person, rather than an isolated medical problem, and within the context of classical healing modalities–including western medicine. Via academic lectures, experiential models, and personalized supervision, our students develop the critical thinking skills necessary to facilitate each client’s own powers of healing from within. 

Our Values

  • We advocate a holistic approach that empowers clients to tap into their own healing potential.
  • Our students learn to devise multi-tiered strategies that integrate diverse approaches and recognize the value of both ancient and current wisdom.
  • Our students develop both critical thinking skills and science-based literacy in order to contribute to the elevation of the field of Yoga Therapy as a viable adjunct to Integrative medicine
  • Our curriculum merges the application of Yoga principles and techniques with an understanding of the Energy Body, Ayurveda, and Western Medicine.

What is Yoga Therapy? 

Yoga Chitska is the intelligent application of yogic tools to address an individual’s physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual needs to promote wellness.  Yoga Therapy Goals Include:

  • Identify the cause of suffering
  • Reduce Symptoms
  • Manage symptoms that cannot be reduced
  • Improve life function
  • Shift attitude and perspective

Yoga Nanda Therapist Studies Include:

  • Foundations and philosophy of Yoga Therapy and it’s sister science of Ayurveda
  • Foundations in anatomy, physiology, psychology, neuroscience, motivational interviewing and human behavior as they relate to the practice of Yoga Therapy
  • Assessing clients’ needs in order to formulate an appropriate Yoga Therapy intervention
  • Application of fundamental Yoga tools and techniques in a therapeutic context
  • Principles and skills for working with individuals and therapeutic groups.
  • Building relationships with health care providers, peers, mentors and professional organizations.
  • Mentored and supervised clinical experience.

Program Faculty

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  • Graduate from a 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Approved Yoga Teacher Training
  • 300 hours of yoga teaching experience
  • Documented proof of completion of an Anatomy and Physiology course from a University, college, or massage school.

Yoga Nanda 800 Hour Program:

  • Classroom – 600 Contact Hours
  • Supervised Clinical Experience – 50 Hours
  • Practicum – 125 Hours of Documented Individual Client Work
  • Faculty Mentorship – 100 Hours
  • Final Project Development with Faculty Mentorship and Review

Classroom Experience:

The training consists of eight 10-day training modules that will include:

  • Fundamentals of breath, movement and adaptations to support function.
  • Musculoskeletal Conditions
  • Physiological Conditions
  • Psycho-emotional/Psycho-social Conditions
  • Advanced Topics in Yoga Therapy
  • Life Energy and Ayurveda.

Each session comprises:

–      Daily yoga practices as they relate to lecture materials.

–      Chanting

–      Yoga philosophy

–      Lecture, power-point presentations, discussion

–      Interactive role playing, dyad work and small group work.

–      Community support from Faculty and Peers

Course Completion Requirements:

  • Attendance and participation at all Sessions and Clinics
  • Documentation of 50 hours of Anatomy and 25 Hours of Physiology Study.
  • Completion of all home study and independent study assigned
  • Independent study assignments and homework include case studies, guided reading and brief essays.
  • Demonstrated ability to devise a structurally sound and case-appropriate therapeutic yoga sequence, including postures and breath instructions, as well as additional features, such as sound or other techniques.
  • 150 Yoga therapy practicum hours including at least 125 hours of documented work with individual clients or in therapeutic Yoga groups.
  • Final project consisting of the design and implementation of a group program with a therapeutic focus and an in-depth analysis of work with individual clients with a similar therapeutic issue.
  • Successful completion of final take home exam.