Our mission is to build a yoga community where you can know your truth, speak your truth, and hold your truth in your heart. Through physical, emotional, and spiritual self-realization, we grow to unite with our larger collective in compassion and service.

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"When you walk in these doors... you are home. You can listen to your body and your breath. You can be vulnerable... move back into yourself. You are part of a family and you can count on us. You can be appreciative. Grateful. You have everything you need. You are empowered. Strong. Expansive. Clear. Focused. You can sift through your stuff. You can sweat... rest... have fun. The challenges of the poses become the parallels of challenges on your walk through life. You realize that everything you did before has led you here. Its not about the pose, its about moving in the right direction. You are self-realized. liberated. When you are here, barriers are erased. We learn from each other. connect to yourself, your neighbor, and your community. You be you. This place is safe. This place is yoga. This place is home."